Top Sex Positions Video

In response to a number of email requests, we have just produced this fun video of the best sexual positions. We have imaginatively called the video Top Sex Positions for Mind Blowing Sex. Subtlety was never our strong point.

Top Sex Positions

As you can imagine we enjoyed putting together this video. We have selected only the best sex positions – and these are sex positions that every one should try. So, whether you are a novice beginner or a very experienced lover you should watch this video, and see how many positions you have tried, and how many you should try in the future. There are a couple of old favourites in there like the missionary position and doggy style, and one or two you probably don’t know of – the trick is to see how many you know – and how many you have tried! The video is not explicit – otherwise the video would not have stayed on YouTube very long, but is clear what the couples are up to!! If we just take one sample position from this video – you will see the woman on her back with her hips on the edge of the bed, with the man penetrating her while he is standing. She then puts her legs over his shoulders and tilts her hips just slightly upwards. This will give a wonderful angle for stimulation that can help produce some intense orgasms. You will see that these are sex positions that women enjoy. Yes, this video shows the best sex positions to give a woman an orgasm. You can watch the Top Sex Positions for mind blowing orgasms video directly here on this page, and if you want to super-size it, just click on the YouTube logo on the right of the video and it will go full size for you.

We have another sex position video under production, this time for the more unusual sex positions, so if you want be kept up to date as soon as we release it, just subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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