5 Ways to improve your sex life

There will come a point in time when your sex life starts to go down hill and you fall into a rut, this is often very natural for couples to start having sex less frequently. Here are 5 different ways you can rejuvenate your sex life and improve both of your experiences in the bedroom.

improve sex life

  1. Concentrate on foreplay

Sometimes sex can feel rather scripted, you have slept with each other so many times that you know what’s coming next. You move from step A to be to C and so on. Foreplay is a great way to avoid falling into the same pattern again, the main aim of foreplay is to excite your partner until they can’t hold back any longer. Try exploring that body in ways you have never tried before and remember to take your time – it’s a marathon not a sprint.

  1. Be spontaneous

As previously stated sex becomes mundane if it feels as though it is scripted e.g. you are having sex the same night every week, using the same positions etc. Adding a bit of spontaneity can really spice things up this could be by coming home from work and rushing straight to the bedroom, by trying a new position or experimenting with where you have sex. Adding a bit f spontaneity will definitely spice things up.

  1. Don’t be afraid of your kinky side

If bringing sex toys and costumes into the mix sounds like something you and your partner might enjoy then why not give it a go. Trying something a bit kinky will definitely add some excitement and will let you fulfil some of your wildest fantasies. Why not try using blindfolds it is an easy way to increase excitement and makes the experience touch focused.

  1. Share your fantasies

Not enough couples are open about their sexual fantasies and often feel too embarrassed to share them with one another. However sharing those fantasies is an easy way to increase your sexual libido and you might even be even share some fantasies. Talking about them might not necessarily mean you act upon them but knowing what your partner likes is a sure fire way to improving your sex life.

  1. Make time for sex

One excuse for couples not having sex is that they are too busy or they just can’t seem to find the time. if you use this poor excuse then take the time to sit down with your partner and plan at least one day a week when you will have sex. This might not sound overly romantic or spontaneous but an obvious way to improve your sex life is by actually having sex.

There you have it, 5 easy ways for you to improve your sex life, not all of these tips will be right for you but some of them will be the foundations you can lay to really improve your libido and sexual experience. If you are single and looking for some no strings attached fun then why not try this Adult Dating Site  site and try out a couple of these ideas.


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