5 Ways to improve your sex life

There will come a point in time when your sex life starts to go down hill and you fall into a rut, this is often very natural for couples to start having sex less frequently. Here are 5 different ways you can rejuvenate your sex life and improve both of your experiences in the bedroom.

improve sex life

  1. Concentrate on foreplay

Sometimes sex can feel rather scripted, you have slept with each other so many times that you know what’s coming next. You move from step A to be to C and so on. Foreplay is a great way to avoid falling into the same pattern again, the main aim of foreplay is to excite your partner until they can’t hold back any longer. Try exploring that body in ways you have never tried before and remember to take your time – it’s a marathon not a sprint.

  1. Be spontaneous

As previously stated sex becomes mundane if it feels as though it is scripted e.g. you are having sex the same night every week, using the same positions etc. Adding a bit of spontaneity can really spice things up this could be by coming home from work and rushing straight to the bedroom, by trying a new position or experimenting with where you have sex. Adding a bit f spontaneity will definitely spice things up.

  1. Don’t be afraid of your kinky side

If bringing sex toys and costumes into the mix sounds like something you and your partner might enjoy then why not give it a go. Trying something a bit kinky will definitely add some excitement and will let you fulfil some of your wildest fantasies. Why not try using blindfolds it is an easy way to increase excitement and makes the experience touch focused.

  1. Share your fantasies

Not enough couples are open about their sexual fantasies and often feel too embarrassed to share them with one another. However sharing those fantasies is an easy way to increase your sexual libido and you might even be even share some fantasies. Talking about them might not necessarily mean you act upon them but knowing what your partner likes is a sure fire way to improving your sex life.

  1. Make time for sex

One excuse for couples not having sex is that they are too busy or they just can’t seem to find the time. if you use this poor excuse then take the time to sit down with your partner and plan at least one day a week when you will have sex. This might not sound overly romantic or spontaneous but an obvious way to improve your sex life is by actually having sex.

There you have it, 5 easy ways for you to improve your sex life, not all of these tips will be right for you but some of them will be the foundations you can lay to really improve your libido and sexual experience. If you are single and looking for some no strings attached fun then why not try this Adult Dating Site  site and try out a couple of these ideas.


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Top 5 Sex Positions For Women

Every single guy or single girl wants to be at their best when it comes to performing in the bedroom. These are widely considered to be the top five sex positions that women enjoy the most sex for intimacy, connection and real passion.

The classic missionary position is one of the all time favourite sex positions for women throughout the world. It puts him in control although you both set the pace together. The missionary position allows you to touch and feel each others bodies and whether you want him to go slower or deeper you can guide him with your hands on his hips. You are free to make eye contact and lock lips at ease.

Reverse Cowgirl
There’s not much touching between you and no eye contact but it’s a nice change from the more romantic, classical sex positions. You are in control and this usually gets him going crazy. If you miss the eye contact flash a look back at him to enhance the passion and connection you are both enjoying.

Doggy Style
The roles are reversed which puts him in control, he calls the shots and will go at the speed that best suits him. This will allow deeper penetration and he’ll feel like king in doing so. This sex position can be intense which some women may like but if it feels too much don’t hesitate to let him know. Communication is essential to having enjoyable physical intimacy together.

Woman on Top
This sex position puts you in control as you’re in the driver’s seat which is where he wants you. With this you set the pace as to what you like, leaving him free to explore your body with his hands free to roam as he likes. This is where you can excel and put on a show for him if you are feeling brave.

The Lap Dance
It may not be your typical sex position but it’s certainly a sexy one when you pull up a chair, seat him down and you get on top. You’re in control while you straddle him, this one gets you up close and personal for kissing and making eye contact. He also gets the chance to be passionate with his hands, tugging on your hair and pulling you even closer.

Everybody has their own preference in sex positions, and it’s easy to go with what you know but why not use some of these techniques for inspiration. When it comes to no strings attached fun you can try one of these sex positions with someone new via the 121247 dot com Find A Fuck Buddy site. Do bear in mind that everyone is different with what turns them on, but you can’t go too far wrong with these top five sex positions that’s for sure. LIke this article -t hen yo may like to check out this sex positions video which features more positions than space allows us here.

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Secret Sex Parties

Enjoying Sex Parties

Enjoying A Sex Party

Sex parties can be a life changing experience. If you have never taken part in an orgy before, then don’t worry if you are nervous, that is perfectly normal for the first time you go to a sex party, but we’ve all been there. If you are new to the sexy party scene it’s hard to imagine them but once you’ve tried it there’s no doubt you will be hooked.

Usually all swinging is kept secret from friends and family, and it can feel like you’re living a secret double life which can be scary but it can also be quite enjoyable. The whole excitement of leading a double life can really enhance couples’ love lives as let’s face it you’re both in it together with no guilty feeling or betrayal. The confidence you get from being part of the swinging singles community can spill into your everyday life and can be a life changing experience.

Discretion is at the back of your mind when attending a sex party, and when you first get here and start to get settled, don’t be surprised to be asked basic details such as your name and where you’re from, what you do for a job etc. Think about these questions carefully and decide if you want to give out your real details, it may be worth giving your real name at least as this is the simplest just in case you forget, but if you don’t want to tell the whole truth, most swingers will understand.

If you arrive at the secret sex party as a couple you may want to chat beforehand about your expectations to do with fooling around with others. Decide if you are prepared to swap partners with another couple or are you wanting to venture off on your own with others for sex. It’s ideal to discuss your plans even if you do change your mind. Some couples prefer getting together and have sex alongside each other which can be a liberating experience even if you don’t join in with the group sex scene. You will also find there will be couples attending where the man wants to satisfy his woman’s bisexual desires and are looking for casual sex with strangers.

Sex parties are great fun, and let’s be honest there are many individuals or couples who wouldn’t mind exploring their group sex fantasy and it is best to approach it all with an open mind.

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Confessions of a Flight Attendant

Mandy is no Virgin

Mandy is no Virgin

Pretty ex Virgin Atlantic air hostess Mandy Smith spent twelve years strutting down the aisles as one of Richard Branson’s sexy and sassy flight attendants. In her recent book Cabin Fever, she reveals the naughty secrets of what really goes on thousands of miles up in the air.

The thought of getting caught having sex high up in the sky is a turn on for many randy passengers, and she says that when the lights dimmed on overnight flights she would even see randy passengers masturbating while most people were asleep. As for sex, well she states “I remember one couple who were clearly having sex in the Upper Class cabin. Each bed has a low dividing wall but you could hear them and easily look over.”

Mandy’s jet-setting job allowed her to travel the globe and she admits to meeting many randy guys herself and that during long flights many passengers would slide their hands up her skirt when she was attending to overhead compartments. Her sky high lifestyle led to many steamy love affairs and she even joined the Mile High Club.

She often wined and dined with the rich and famous, not to mention partying with billionaire Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson whom she also partied with upon her travels. The world was her oyster with many admiring guys wanting to wine and dine her she had an endless supply of male attention. Having sex on board a plane with strangers was a given for some flight attendants, it was part of the lifestyle. The closest she got to having feelings for a man was when she became fond of a pilot in training called Jonathan, and on one occasion he flew Mandy out to the Florida Keys in a two seater Cessna when she decided to take advantage of their time together so she climbed on top of him while he was still flying and as she put it ‘sealed the deal’.

Hot Flight Attendants

Hot Flight Attendants

A very affluent doctor also caught Mandy’s attention and she enjoyed the no strings attached sex with him, and as she states in her book “We had a steamy night of amazing sex, but when I woke up the next morning, he was gone.” Fun in the sky can be a real turn on and this sexy flight attendant surely had her share of fun. If you like the idea of no strings attsched sex, then you should check the 121247 no strings attached dating site but there is no chance of finding a virgin on the site, that’s for sure; as the site is chock full of randy sex mad women.

From dealing with celebrity tantrums to sipping Manhattans and shopping in New York, Mandy’s book is riotous good fun. Set against a backdrop of exotic locations, the cast of characters even includes Sir Richard himself. You can buy Cabin Fever from Amazon here.

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Improve your sex life

A recent survey by the British Sex Survey showed that Britons have sex just four times a month, which compares to seven times in a month in a similar survey carried out in 2008. The decline of bedroom action is worrying; so let’s find out how to get some fun back in the sack with these top tips on how to improve your sex life.

Stop Smoking
We’re a smoking population so it’s going to be hard to ditch the ciggies but it can have an affect on your body and hinder women and men’s ability to orgasm. Smoking clogs up the arteries and affects circulation so you won’t be physically fit enough to be at your best when having sex. If you are a smoker, quit smoking and watch your sex life improve.

Get enough sleep
Men who have less than a handful of hours sleep a night will have reduced levels of testosterone. Also As we all know a lack of sleep can make everyone feel grumpy and certainly won’t get you in the mood for a night of passion.

Feel comfortable with your body
This is mainly aimed at women as they are self critical of how they look. Learn to like your body, understand that not everyone is perfect and you should concentrate on the body parts that you do like. It’s proven that those who consider themselves unattractive are more likely to drop in sexual desire.

Have regular sex
The more you have sex the more satisfied you will become and much more confident. Satisfying sex can be quick and finished in minutes and can be planned at any time of day. If you’re not in the mood, once you get started you will soon get into it before you know it. Role-play or watching a sexy film can certainly help you on your way and will increase enjoyment.

Get fit and tone up
Mums can have a weakened pelvic floor where the muscles are not as strong which support the bladder, bowel and uterus. This can reduce sexual sensation which is why a lot of women don’t want to have sex as much with their partners. Work on exercising the pelvic muscle which will increase blood flow and will improve the intensity and frequency of orgasms.

General Well-being
Being in the best physical health and positive mindset can certainly improve your sex life. Put right ailments by a visit to a GP to get any medication needed to help you sort out your sex life. Depression, an underactive thyroid and the ­menopause can all have a knock on effect and will lower your sex drive, so get these under control to improve your sex life and your general well-being.

Single? One of the weays to kickstart your sex life is to find new partner who is looking for some regaulr sex, and a great place to find yourself a new sexy playmate is via the 121247 find a sexbudyy site.

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Sex With 4 Strangers In One Day

Sex with 4 men

Sex With Four Strangers

There are many horny members on the 121247.com find a fuck buddy web site, and every once in a while we get naughty emails from some of them. This is one such email we will share with you. It came from a dirty girl we shall call Sally.

Hi guys, thought I’d get in touch to tell you about a recent experience I had, thanks to your website. I have always dreamt of sex with multiple partners, and that dream has now become a reality! I can’t remember what I wrote on my member profile, but I clearly remember the advantages of having regular sex with no strings attached.

It seems a little while ago now, but I do remember my first fuckbuddy. ‘Is this too extreme’ I asked, gesturing up and down at myself, to which he responded by pressing his hard cock against my leg while passionately kissing me. Then I knew this finding guys for the odd casual knees up was what I wanted to do. I don’t think we did anything particularly amazing on our first encounter, but the experience was intense and hot for its anonymity and it was very dirty.

That was my first casual encounter, as I had long looked at online as being as some sort of sausage factory. There were just so many photos of men showing endlessly, all hard and ready for sex. It was kind of like picking a dish out of a menu with a great selection of choices, watching that electronic arm grab one from its slot and deliver it to you. The best part? There are always, always more where that came from.

The first time I ever went online I felt its vast potential to find casual sex or quick hookups.

Your adult dating site is good for someone like me who is low on confidence, who rarely has the chance to have a naughty sex life, so going online was like the green light to having as much sex as I wanted – the kind of life where you can chat to a guy who nine times out of ten will be keen and more than happy to have sex with you.

There are many guys who are quite enticing and you can pick up a six pack along the way too – a huge choice! Without blowing my own trumpet I’ve received hundreds of emails so you do have to sift through those who take your fancy. I can’t complain having once had sex with four men in one day. I was just feeling super randy, and the meetings with these guys just fell into place, and the fourth was a real bonus as we had just been out for a meal, and ended up doing it in his car in a country lane. Now I don’t plan to do four guys in one day again, but as the saying goes “never say never”. Anyway, thanks for your great service and making me happy!!

Well Sally we are happy to oblige, and all that remains for us to say is you are one very horny woman and glad we have been of assistance you randy minx!

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